Our History

Welcome to Peralassery Subramanya Swamy Temple Famous.Peralassery Temple, located near Kannur, is one of the important Naga temples in North Kerala. The Peralassery Temple is one of the important Subramanya temples in North Malabar. It also has idols of Naga, Sastha and Ganapati.The temple was formerly an Ayyappan temple and was later dedicated to Lord Rama by the present day deity Subramanya. This place was known as Ayyappankavu.

Balasubramanian once asked Brahma the meaning of Omkaram, but Brahma could not explain its meaning properly. Infuriated, Subramanian told Auvirabahu to imprison Brahma. The imprisonment of Brahma, the creator of the universe, caused creation to cease in the universe.Later, on the instructions of Parameswaran, Subramanian freed Brahma, but he had to make amends. He had to live in an unknown abode for some time.Therefore, Subramanyaswamy should be given an important place and worshiped here. So they visited the temple and talked to Ayyappan about the appropriateness of worshiping Subramanya here. Ayyappan said that he would pay homage to Subramanya in the main shrine.He told Lord Rama that he should place himself on the south side of the shrine. Sri Rama told Hanuman to find a great stone for the idol. Hanuman went to the idol but did not return at the moment of dedication.At that moment, Hanuman came with the idol. When Hanuman saw Sri Rama looking to place the idol on the top of the ring, he asked him if he could take the ring and install it. Thus Peruvala was known as Peruvalassery as it was established by Uri, and over time it was renamed as Lopichu Peralassery.